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Hot Mango Salsa Recipe

Hot Mango Salsa

Hot Mango Salsa Recipe.  For sweet, tangy results, select a really juicy, ripe mango for this salsa – it is not worth making the salsa with a firm, unripe mango as it will not taste as good as it should. This fruity salsa is a delicious accompaniment to char-grilled or barbecued chicken or fish. Serves 6 Hot Mango Salsa Ingredients: 1 medium ripe mango 1 ... Read More »

Chili Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe

chili stuffed green peppers

Chili Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe.  This is a twist on the classic stuffed peppers. Ready-made venison chilli comes in handy when preparing this scrumptious recipe.  This chili stuffed pepper dish is very easy to make and can be serve as an appetizer. Serves 6 Chili Stuffed Green Peppers Ingredients: 6 large green bell peppers 1 lb. venison chilli ready-made 2 cups tomato sauce ... Read More »

Chili Potatoes Recipe

chili potatoes recipe

Chili Potatoes Recipe.  An easy and tasty chilli potato dish recipe to try and enjoy. Potato and Chili lovers are hungry to dive in with this kind of meal, especially kids. This potato recipe is so hearty, spicy and tasty, a good dish to prepare for your family and friends on a cold and lazy weekend dinner.  Serves 4 Chili Potatoes ... Read More »

Quick-Fix Venison Chili Recipe

quick-fix venison chili

Quick-Fix Venison Chili Recipe.  A very easy and fast chilli recipe to try. When time is short, this us a great meal to prepare. While it simmers, heat up some refrigerated bread or biscuits in the oven, read the day’s mail, set the table and sip a nice cocktail! Serves 8 Quick-Fix Venison Chili Ingredients: 1 large onion, chopped 1 tbsp. canola ... Read More »

Chili Strudel Recipe

chili strudel

Chili Strudel Recipe.  A tasty and spicy strudel recipe. Strudel is the name of a pastry made with a special paper-thin dough.  Prepared strudel dough, or phyllo pastry dough, is of good quality and readily available. The combination of this light, flaky crust and savoury chilli is irresistible.  Serves 6 Chili Strudel Ingredients: 12 sheets of phyllo pastry, thawed 1 lb. prepared ... Read More »